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One zero one brief Cuts in Math an individual Can Do will liberate the secrets and techniques of the paintings of calculation. it's going to elevate your strength of computation and thereby allow you to get extra out of the maths you presently recognize. you'll soon be surprised at your skill to resolve as soon as advanced difficulties quick.

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Vk+k := Uk ∩ (X − A). The covering α1 = {V1 , . . 1) for p = 2. Step 2. p = 3. Assume that V1 ∩ V2 ∩ V3 = ∅, Vi = α1 , Vi ∩ A = ∅ for i = 1, 2, 3, and V1 ∩ V2 ∩ V3 ∩ A = ∅. We can repeat the same trick as in the first step for sets U1 = V1 ∩ V2 and U2 = V3 . If U1 ∩ U2 ∩ ∂A = ∅ then we put V1 := V1 , V2 := V2 and V3 := V3 − V1 ∩ V2 ∩ V3 . If U1 ∩ U2 ∩ ∂A = ∅ then V1 := (V1 ∩ Int A) ∪ W1 , V2 := (V2 ∩ Int A) ∪ W1 and V3 := (V3 ∩ Int A) ∪ W2 . The same correction is done for every triple of sets Vi , Vj , Vl (1 ≤ i < j < l ≤ k).

Because limm xl,m = ul there then exists ni as large as needed such that d(xi,ni , ui) < δ/3. Then we obtain d(xni , u) < δ but this is a contradiction and the proof is completed. Now, we would like to point out that more appropriate than dH metric in C(X) is the metric dC , called the (Borsuk) metric of continuity. 7) dC (A, B) = inf{ε > 0 | exists f: A → B and g: B → A such that d(x, f(x)) ≤ ε and d(y, g(y)) ≤ ε for every x ∈ A and y ∈ B}, 4. HYPERSPACES OF METRIC SPACES 25 where A, B ∈ C(X) and f, g stand for continuous functions.

Then {yn } ⊂ f −1 (K) and hence we can assume, without loss of generality, that limn yn = y. Since A is closed we have y ∈ A but f is continuous so f(y) = x ∈ f(A) and the proof is completed. 1) is not true. 8. VIETORIS MAPS 39 As we already known a space X is closed acyclic provided: (i) Hq (X) = 0 for all q ≥ 1, and (ii) H0 (X) ≈ Q. In other words a space X is acyclic if its homology are exactly the same as the homology of a one point space {p}. An equivalent definition of acyclic spaces is the following: a space X is acyclic if and only if the map j: {p} → X, j(p) = x0 ∈ X, induces an isomorphism j∗ : H∗({p}) → H∗ (X).

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