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By Sherman Hollar

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Micro organism, algae, and protozoamicroorganisms which are simply neglected in our day-by-day livescan be present in a large choice of destinations and serve innumerable ecological reasons. whereas a few such organisms were linked to disorder, they've got additionally been useful in agriculture and within the construction of sure meals, drugs, and different prerequisites. This informative quantity examines the homes and makes use of of those robust and crucial existence kinds. picture organizers and specific photos carry the miniscule information of those entities to the leading edge.

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Commonly recognized groups of largely single-celled algae include the golden algae, or Chrysophyta (from the Greek word for “golden plant”), and the dinoflagellates. Most species of golden algae live in fresh water, whereas most species of dinoflagellates live in marine environments. A third important group of single-celled algae, the diatoms, are closely related to golden algae. As was mentioned early, blue-green algae make up another group of single-celled organisms that use photosynthesis to create food.

The phaeophytes are an important source of algin, a substance used in food processing and other industries. Certain species of brown algae are also used as fertilizer, and several, such as species of Laminaria, are eaten as a vegetable in Asia. 56 feAtures And tyPes of AlgAe The Sargasso Sea A free-floating meadow of seaweed almost as large as a continent lies between the United States and Africa in the North Atlantic Ocean. This is the famous Sargasso Sea. Christopher Columbus discovered it as he sailed toward the New World in 1492.

60 feAtures And tyPes of AlgAe However, green algae can also pose problems. Under certain environmental conditions, they may undergo rapid and uncontrolled reproduction. This results in a “bloom” that covers lakes and ponds, blocking light from reaching the lower depths. This sets off a chain of events: the decreased light causes a drop in photosynthesis, which leads to dramatically reduced oxygen production. Many organisms such as fish and zooplankton that live in the deeper zones of the water are dependent on the oxygen produced from the photosynthesis of algae and aquatic plants.

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