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A significant other to Julius Caesar contains 30 essays from top students studying the existence and after lifetime of this nice polarizing figure.

Explores Caesar from quite a few views: army genius, ruthless tyrant, great flesh presser, top quality orator, subtle guy of letters, and more.
Utilizes Caesar’s personal extant writings.
Examines the viewpoints of Caesar’s contemporaries and explores Caesar’s portrayals by means of artists and writers in the course of the a long time.

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109–10), that it becomes important for the Iulii to display their mythical heritage. We have noted the moneyers of 129 and 103. There is also, for the first time, surviving monumental evidence for their claim. / Vedi[ov]ei aara leege Albana dicata (ILLRP 270). The attempt at archaizing spelling and the (inconsistent) doubling of vowels to denote length give us an approximate date: the orthographic fancies introduced by the poet and grammarian L. 2 The work and the form of its dedication must be due to the Caesares (see above).

Iul. 2; Plut. Caes. 3). Rather, he celebrated the exploits of a great military hero and enhanced the profile of his own family by reminding the public of his illustrious heritage (Suet. Iul. 1; cf. Goldsworthy 2006: 98–100). Caesar underscored the point during his aedileship of 65. He restored the trophies that Marius had earned for his victories over Jugurtha, the Cimbri, and the Teutones, and that had been dismantled or destroyed by the regime of Sulla. And he added images of Marius himself, to the consternation of some like Catulus, but to enthusiastic response from most senators and the populace (Plut.

To return to Caesar: in 73 he was coopted in his absence to succeed his relative C. Cotta as pontifex (Vell. 1). It was customary for a relative to succeed a pontifex who had died, but election in his absence was a special distinction. (Since at the time most of the members of the priesthood were Plebeians, it did not matter that a Patrician now succeeded a Plebeian. ) With his honor thus fully restored, Caesar felt able to return to Rome. Possibly at once in 73, but more probably in 72 for 71, he was elected tribunus militum of one of the first four legions.

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