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oo. c. graph. 2) 3. c. graphs (note also that it easily generalizes by replacing 2 with any fixed real number p E (0, 1) ; see Exercise 2). c. graph of order m. c. graphs was known: the Paley graphs (which we will discuss below). c. graphs being both common and rare has intrigued many researchers with different backgrounds such as graph theorists, logicians, design theorists, probabilists, and geometers.

2. c. graphs of order 4. meC(2) > 9. For two graphs G and H, the Cartesian product of G and H, written has vertices V (G) x V (H) and edges (a, b) (c, d) E E(GOH) if and only if ac E E(G) and b = d, or a = c and bd E E(H). The notation comes from the fact that K2 K2 C4. 3. 3. The graph K3K3. 2. What is a Random Graph? c. c. graphs of order 9 (see Exercise 2). In [41], it was noted that 20 < meC(3) < 28. The exact determination of meC(n), where n > 3, is a difficult open problem (how reminiscent of the situation for Ramsey numbers).

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