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By Fiona Beddall

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Britain is a small state however it has a protracted heritage. observe how wars, revolutions and faith have replaced its heritage. examine different international locations of the uk and the good women and men who've formed the British state.

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3) destroyed. (e) Today, England is a country of many different (1) religions. (2) kings. (3) population. Chapter 4 1 Read these sentences and choose right (✓) or wrong (✗). (a) Both King John and King Charles had problems with Parliament. (b) King John wanted strong government, so he wrote the Magna Carta. (c) In 1264, Parliament had more power in England than the King. (d) Charles I ruled without Parliament for eleven years. (e) The King’s men and Parliament’s men fought for four years. (f) Charles I was killed in a battle against Parliament.

Some children worked for eighteen hours a day. The ordinary workers became very angry, but it was difficult to change anything. If workers started a trades union, they lost their jobs. If they refused to work, they were not paid. 2 Open answers Open answers 2 ACTIVITIES WHILE READING THE BOOK Chapter 1 1 (a) King Edward (b) Harold Hardrada (c) William the Conqueror (d) Julius Ceasar (e) Alfred the Great (f) King Cnut (a) ✗ (b) ✓ (c) ✗ (d) ✓ (e) ✗ 2 Chapter 6 Chapter 2 1 2 1 (a) independence (b) conquered (c) parliament (d) destroyed (e) trouble (f) Protestant (g) Catholic (h) terrible (i) protect (j) activity Open answers 2 Chapter 3 1 2 (a)–(7), (b)–(3), (c)–(4), (d)–(8), (e)–(1), (f)–(10), (g)–(5), (h)–(2), (i)–(9), (j)–(6) (a) (1) (b) (3) (c) (2) (d) (3) (e) (1) 1 (a) ✗ (b) ✗ (c) ✓ (d) ✓ (e) ✓ (f) ✗ (g) ✓ (h) ✗ 2 (a) He signed the Magna Carta – a list of rules for good government.

Where do you live? What is your job? Write as much as you can. 55bc 1066 1215 1649 1776 1914 1945 Published and distributed by Pearson Longman Factsheet written by Clare Gray Factsheet series developed by Louise James Level 3 – Pre-Intermediate A History of Britain Photocopiable Student’s Activities Penguin Readers Answer Key Answers to Book Activities 4 (a) 6–(b) 3–(c) 1–(d) 4–(e) 2–(f) 5 5 King Harold lost control of England to William the Conqueror. This made a big difference to British history.

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