Advanced Writing by Parviz Birjandi, PhD, Seyyed Mohammad Alavi, PhD, & Mohammad PDF

By Parviz Birjandi, PhD, Seyyed Mohammad Alavi, PhD, & Mohammad Ali Salmani-Nodoushan, PhD

ISBN-10: 9646117511

ISBN-13: 9789646117518

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1) According to tradition, paper was first made in AD 105 by the Chinese. 2) The earliest known paper still in existence was made from rags about AD 150. 3) For almost 500 years the art of papermaking was confined to China, but in 610 it was introduced into Japan. 4) In 750, paper found its way to Central Asia. 5) Paper made its appearance in Egypt about 800 but was not manufactured there until 900 because Egyptians had their own Papyrus. 36 THE PARAGRAPH 6) The use of paper was introduced into Europe by the Moors.

EXERCISE 1. Read the following paragraph carefully, and: 1. Underline the topic. 2. Circle the controlling ideas. 3. Write an outline for the paragraph. Forests may be divided into the following six general types. First, there are the forests of the hot areas. The famous subtypes are the forests of the northern hemisphere and the oceanic forests. Second, monsoon forests are characteristic of Bengal, Myanmar, Southeast Asia, and India. Tropical forests, on the other hand, are found in regions such as the Campos of Brazil.

EXERCISE 1. Look up these words in your dictionary. Notice the syllable division. Copy each word, indicating where the word is divided into syllables by using a heavy black dot. 1. 2. 3. 4. convexity colposcopy disorientation erythrocytometer 5. grandmotherly 24 FORMAT UNIT THREE THE PARAGRAPH INTRODUCTION Words go together in a grammatical way to make sentences. Sentences can be combined to form compound and complex sentences. A group of sentences that go together to talk about an idea form a paragraph.

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Advanced Writing by Parviz Birjandi, PhD, Seyyed Mohammad Alavi, PhD, & Mohammad Ali Salmani-Nodoushan, PhD

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