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By Richard Dowden

ISBN-10: 1586488163

ISBN-13: 9781586488161

After a lifetime’s shut statement of the continent, one of many world’s most interesting Africa correspondents has penned a landmark booklet on existence and demise in sleek Africa. It takes a advisor as observant, skilled, and sufferer as Richard Dowden to bare its truths. Dowden combines a novelist’s reward for surroundings with the scholar’s clutch of ancient swap as he spins stories of cults and trade in Senegal and standard spirituality in Sierra Leone; analyzes the impression of oil and the web on Nigeria and relief on Sudan; and examines what has long gone so badly fallacious in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Congo. Dowden’s grasp paintings is an try to clarify why Africa is how it is, and allows its readers to work out and comprehend this amazing continent as a spot of thought and large humanity.

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