Alfred Blalock, Helen Taussig, & Vivien Thomas: Mending by Lisa Yount PDF

By Lisa Yount

ISBN-10: 1604136588

ISBN-13: 9781604136586

This e-book examines the careers of Blalock, a white male healthcare professional; Taussig, a white lady heart specialist; and Thomas, an African American male laboratory technician; who in 1944 mixed their talents to create a groundbreaking surgery that not just stored the lives of millions of kids, but in addition made surgeons conscious that surgical procedure on residing hearts used to be attainable.

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Only around the time of Blalock’s shock experiments did scientists learn that refrigeration could extend this preservation time to a month or more. Bernard Fantus (1874–1940), a Chicago physician, used this technique in 1937 to create what he called a blood bank. Blood banks also stored plasma, the liquid part of the blood. Plasma did not contain antigens, so it did not have to be tested for type. It could be preserved in liquid form for much longer than whole blood. In 1935, furthermore, researchers found that plasma could be freeze-dried and (continued) Infusions of plasma, the liquid part of the blood, kept many wounded soldiers from dying of shock during World War II.

Shortly afterward, a biography of renowned 19th-century Canadian surgeon Sir William Osler (1849–1919) by an equally famous living surgeon Harvey Cushing (1869–1939) inspired him to turn from chemistry to medicine. D. in 1931. In 1938, Gross became chief resident in surgery at Children’s Hospital in Boston. His supervisor was William E. Ladd (1880–1967), the hospital’s chief of surgery. Gross and a pediatrician colleague, John Hubbard, developed an operation for closing a ductus arteriosus in the laboratory.

But first, as Blalock had done near the start of his days at Vanderbilt, Taussig had to face a severe health challenge. Around 1930, just after she took over the new pediatric cardiology clinic at the Harriet Lane Home, she suddenly lost most of her hearing. No one was ever sure why, but a bout of whooping cough, then a contagious disease common in children, may have been the cause. Taussig’s deafness deprived her of some of the things she enjoyed, such as music. It also greatly hampered her work in the clinic.

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