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The 50 years sooner than the yankee Civil conflict observed a growth within the building of coastal forts within the usa. those stone and brick forts stretched from New England to the Florida Keys, and so far as the Mississippi River. at the beginning of the warfare a few have been positioned within the secessionist states, and plenty of fell into accomplice fingers. even supposing a handful of key websites remained in Union arms in the course of the warfare, the remaining needed to be received again via bombardment or attack. This e-book examines the layout, building and operational background of these fortifications, similar to castle Sumter, citadel Morgan and fortress Pulaski, which performed a very important half during the Civil battle.

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37 Besides the importance of maintaining a close order of men, the phalanx depended for its effectiveness on the sheer weight and thrust it could bring to bear in its initial collision with the enemy. Here Grundy saw an analogy with a scrimmage in the Rugby game of football. Under ordinary circumstances the hoplite force advanced into battle in a compact mass, probably at the slow step, breaking, it may be, into a run in the last few yards of advance. When it came into contact with the enemy, it relied in the first instance on shock tactics, that is to say, on the weight put into the first onset and developed in the subsequent thrust.

The age of the tyrants marked the turning point in the political development of Greece, namely, the breakdown of the old political order of oppressive or inadequate aristocracies of the early seventh century; these regimes gave way before the establishment of more broadly based oligarchies. This change coincides with the introduction of new tactics in war.  . ”78 The tactical and ideological underpinnings of the orthodoxy espoused by Andrewes are essentially the same since Grote more than a century earlier.

On the other hand, Grundy points out the ultimate supremacy of the phalanx for the Greek art of war. ”51 The analysis of Grundy has heavily influenced discussions of the classical hoplite phalanx for the past century. Hoplite armies comprised farmer-­citizen-­soldiers. The strategy and tactics of the phalanx required little training, because it relied on heavy 12 Donald Kagan and Gregory F. Viggiano infantry and did not integrate efficient light-­armed troops or cavalry. The Greeks emphasized the cohesion of their ranks in their massed charge into battle; solidity and weight were of paramount importance in the initial collision with the enemy; in order to break apart and put to rout the opposing phalanx, a general attempted to roll up the enemy line from left to right by deploying his best troops on the right wing.

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