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By Revilo P Oliver

ISBN-10: 0906879655

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Initially a conservative, Professor Revilo Oliver grew to become an highbrow chief of racialists with a trenchant pen and big following. This number of renowned essays - essentially from 1955-1966, while the postwar fight for America's soul used to be at its optimum - exhibits that the conservative reason was once inherently not just a misplaced reason yet an unworthy one.

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So vivid does the consoling illusion appear to them that the efforts of adults to dissipate it, including ridicuIe and punishment, merely teach the child not to express a belief that it inwardly retains, while it continues to commune in secret with its unseen companion, who is usually a child of its own age and sex, but sometimes an adult patron or even a supernatural being. Now of all the imaginary beings that a child's fancy may body forth to him, the image of a god, by definition invisible, powerful, and having a personal interest in him, may be the most vivid and enduring, especially if the child grows u p among adults who, far from dissuading him, assure him of its reality; and the faith thus imprinted on the mind may persist into adult life and so constantly renew itself imaginatively as to make theconsciousness automatically exclude evidence that impubrlns the comforting, long-cherished, and now habitual illusioni7.

The foregoing considerations led the great minds of our race, almost without exception, to regard religion as an indispensable instrument of government. Plato devoted himself to devising, most explicitly in his Nomoi, a political system that preserved the power of religion, which his uncle's candid anthropology had so deeply compromised. Aristotle thought gods requisite to induce in the majority an adherence to the standards of civilized life. Every deorum has seen how its author was torn reader of Cicero's De n ~ h m between the rationalism of the Academics and Stoicism, which preserved, at least partially, the divine sanctions that encouraged men to serve their society rather than themselves.

One had only to emulate the tact of the Christians themselves, who, given the multiplicity of sects that violently disagreed about almost every article of dogma and the prevalence of incredulity, had learned to exclude their own religious opinion and doctrinal pronouncements from polite society and from politics. One thereby avoided offense to some of the most estimable and sincerely patriotic men and women in the nation. In 1955, furthermore, Christianity seemed still to have a very considerable strength as a bulwark against subversion.

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