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By Raymond A. Barnett, Michael R. Ziegler, Karl E. Byleen, Dave Sobecki

ISBN-10: 0470648058

ISBN-13: 9780470648056

The eleventh version of Analytic Trigonometry maintains to supply readers trigonometric strategies and purposes. nearly each notion is illustrated through an instance through an identical challenge to inspire an lively involvement within the studying procedure, and inspiration improvement proceeds from the concrete to the summary. vast bankruptcy evaluation summaries, bankruptcy and cumulative overview routines with solutions keyed to the corresponding textual content sections, potent use of colour reviews and annotations, and sought after screens of significant fabric to assist grasp the topic. Analytic Trigonometry, 11e comprises up to date purposes from a number diverse fields.

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Estimate c. 22. Suppose in the figure that ∠A = 50°, ∠C = 90°, and b = 36 ft. Estimate c. In Problems 23 and 24, let P be a point on AB in the figure such that CP is perpendicular to AB. 23. Explain why triangles ACP and BCP are similar. 24. Explain why triangle ACP is similar to triangle ABC. 27. Tennis A ball is served from the center of the baseline into the deuce court. If the ball is hit 9 ft above the ground and travels in a straight line down the middle of the court, and the net is 3 ft high, how far from the base of the net will the ball land if it just clears the top of the net?

Katz (University of the District of Columbia) titled The Curious History of Trigonometry, in The UMAP Journal, Winter 1990. 18 1 RIGHT TRIANGLE RATIOS A a B a E x ϭ DF F C b D c y G FIGURE 4 Depth of a canyon Answers to Matched Problems 1. 280 ft (to two significant digits) 2. 3. A 1. If two angles of one triangle have the same measure as two angles of another triangle, what can you say about the measure of the third angle of each triangle? Why? 2. If an acute angle of one right triangle has the same measure as the acute angle of another right triangle, what can you say about the measure of the second acute angle of each triangle?

1). How tall is the tree? 2 ft 16 1 RIGHT TRIANGLE RATIOS Solution The parallel sun rays make the same angle with the tree and the yardstick. Since both triangles are right triangles and have an acute angle of the same measure, the triangles are similar. 56 ft. How tall is the tree? ■ Length of an Air Vent Find the length of the proposed air vent indicated in Figure 2. , for AЈCЈ; copy the 20° angle CAB and the 90° angle ACB using a protractor (see Fig. 3 on the next page). Now measure BЈCЈ (approx.

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