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By Marshall Clagett

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I have published the earlier version below as specimen A of Appendix IV, Section 4. There are two fragments of On the Sphere and the Cylinder (25r, the first few lines of Book I; 82r-96v, Propositions 26-34 [but labeled as Propositions 25-32, with Greek Proposition 28 missing] of Book I only; the first is in the early hand, the second in a later hand [perhaps different from the hand of the second version of On the Equilibrium of Planes]; the lines of the first fragment and the enunciations of the second are close to Cremonensis’ version but the proofs of the second are freely rendered and expanded).

Perhaps Gr MS A had ovk exei and then deleted the ovk but in an ambiguous manner so that Cremonensis translated it anyway. 10. Gr 1, 202, 15: to/juxl O , 32vP: sectiones V, lOlv, 19: portiones 11. Gr 1, 216, 14—20: 6 8r) (8e in Gr MS A) tov BAA T/xTjparo? 7rpo? L 6K TOV, OV €Xet TO BAA T/Ltfj/Lta 7rpOS TOV KtOVOV, ov [r'/j /Sacrt? fJLev kcjTLv 6 irepi Siaperpov rqv BA kvk\ o<; Kopvtpp 8k to A cryjpelov, kou, 6 avTos kwvo? rrpos tov kcjvov tov (om . M S A) fictaiv pkv ’i\ovTa ttjv od>TT)v, Kopv

Later, in the citation noted above, he proposed that the reference to this particular work (the De instrnmentis) was not to a manuscript of Archimedes but rather to the manuscript that is now Vat. gr. txT(i)v and a copy of Pappus’ Collectio. But, Heiberg continues, the story of Rinutius’ possession of an Archimedes may have been prompted by his possessing (in addition to Vat. gr. 218) manuscript A, which for some reason he did not want to admit having, and that it was manuscript A which a certain Philip claimed to have seen in Rinutius’ posses­ sion.

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