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By Carri Stuhr

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During this Early chicken identify, readers know about the actual features, habitat, and behaviour of the arctic fox.

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These arctic foxes live in a zoo in Germany. 43 A NOTE TO ADULTS On Sharing a Book ‌ hen you share a book with a child, you show that reading is important. W To get the most out of the experience, read in a comfortable, quiet place. Turn off the television and limit other distractions, such as telephone calls. Be prepared to start slowly. Take turns reading parts of this book. Stop occasionally and discuss what you’re reading. Talk about the photographs. If the child begins to lose interest, stop reading.

What are arctic fox babies called? Young Arctic Foxes Baby arctic foxes are born in early summer. Baby foxes are called cubs, kits, or pups. 28 Baby arctic foxes are born in dens. Dens are safe places. Some are deep holes underground. Others are tunnels dug in piles of rocks or wood. These arctic fox cubs live in a den underneath some logs. 29 Many baby foxes are born at once. A mother fox may have more than 10 babies. A group of baby foxes is called a litter. The babies in the litter are helpless at first.

For the first few weeks, the babies drink their mother’s milk. The father goes out hunting and brings food to the den. 31 After three weeks in the den, the young foxes are ready to explore. At first, the babies stay close to home. In a few months, they are ready to travel farther. Their parents teach them how to hunt. Arctic fox pups play with one another. 32 When arctic fox babies are old enough, they will live by themselves. The next spring, they will start a new family. The babies leave their parents before winter arrives.

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