Asymmetric Cell Division by Renze Heidstra (auth.), Professor Dr. Alvaro Macieira-Coelho PDF

By Renze Heidstra (auth.), Professor Dr. Alvaro Macieira-Coelho (eds.)

ISBN-10: 354069160X

ISBN-13: 9783540691600

Cell biologists have lately develop into conscious that the asymmetry of cellphone department is a crucial regulatory phenomenon within the destiny of a phone. in the course of improvement, telephone range originates via asymmetry; within the grownup organism uneven divisions keep an eye on the stem cellphone reservoir and are a resource of the float that contributes to the getting older of organisms with renewable cellphone cubicles. a result of notion of semi-conservative DNA synthesis, it was once suggestion that the distribution of DNA among daughter cells used to be symmetric. The research of the phenomenon in cells in the course of mitosis, despite the fact that, printed the asymmetry within the distribution of the genetic fabric that creates the float contributing to getting older of mammals. nevertheless, melanoma cells can originate from a deregulation of asymmetry in the course of mitosis particularly in the course of stem mobile enlargement. The ebook describes the phenomenon in numerous organisms from crops to animals and addresses its implications for the improvement of the organism, cellphone differentiation, human getting older and the biology of cancers.

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Consistently, the arf7arf19 double mutant initially fails to produce lateral roots (Fukaki et al. 2005; Okushima et al. 2005; Wilmoth et al. 2005). Recently, the PICKLE (PKL) chromatin remodeling factor, identified from a slr1 suppressor screen, was shown to be required for SLR1 mediated repression of ARF7 and ARF19 activity (Fukaki et al. 2006). Inducing anticlinal pericycle cell divisions by overexpression of CYCD3;1 in slr1 did not initiate lateral roots nor plt1-1::GUS expression at sites of future lateral root primordia (Aida et al.

Trends Plant Sci 8:294–299 Nakajima K, Sena G, Nawy T, Benfey PN (2001) Intercellular movement of the putative transcription factor SHR in root patterning. Nature 413:307–311 Nawy T, Lee JY, Colinas J, Wang JY, Thongrod SC, Malamy JE, Birnbaum K, Benfey PN (2005) Transcriptional profile of the Arabidopsis root quiescent center. Plant Cell 17:1908–1925 Ning J, Peng XB, Qu LH, Xin HP, Yan TT, Sun M (2006) Differential gene expression in egg cells and zygotes suggests that the transcriptome is restructed before the first zygotic division in tobacco.

Interestingly, the C-C pathways are associated with both mitotic and meiotic cell cycles and the number and types of specialized cells formed depends on the developmental context. In this review, I have tried to provide a concise overview of plant development driven by these two types of ACDs. For general information on polarity, signals, CFD allocation, cytokinesis/cellularization and cell cycle regulation, see Ranganath (2005) and Hiedstra R (2007), chapter 1 in this publication. The reader is also directed to other reviews for wider information, wherever necessary.

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