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By Alexander Baklanov, Branko Grisogono, A. Baklanov, B. Grisogono

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Most of practically-used turbulence closure versions are in response to the concept that of downgra- ent delivery. for this reason the versions exhibit turbulent uxes of momentum and scalars as items of the suggest gradient of the transported estate and the corresponding turbulent delivery coef cient (eddy viscosity, ok , warmth conductivity, ok , or diffusivity, ok ). Fol- M H D lowing Kolmogorov (1941), turbulent shipping coef cients are taken to be proportional to the turbulent speed scale, u , and size scale, l : T T ok ? okay ? okay ? u l . (1) M H D T T 2 frequently u is identi ed with the turbulent kinetic strength (TKE) according to unit mass, E ,and okay T is calculated from the TKE finances equation utilizing the Kolmogorov closure for the TKE dissipation cost: ? ? E /t , (2) ok okay T the place t ? l /u is the turbulent dissipation time scale. This strategy is justi ed whilst it T T T is utilized to impartial balance ows, the place l could be taken to be proportional to the space T from the closest wall. in spite of the fact that, this system encounters dif culties in strati ed ows (both strong and uns- ble). The turbulent Prandtl quantity Pr = okay /K indicates crucial dependence at the T M H strati cation and can't be regarded as constant.

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Esau (Zilitinkevich et al. 2007b). These two are just the regimes typical of the ABL and the free atmosphere, respectively. 3 Surface fluxes The above analysis clarifies our understanding of the physical nature of the stable ABL but does not immediately give flux–profile relationships suitable for practical applications. To receive analytical approximations of the mean wind and temperature profiles, U (z) and (z), across the ABL, we apply the generalised similarity theory presented in Sect. 2 to “characteristic functions”: kU (z) z − ln , (12a) U = τ 1/2 z 0u = k T τ 1/2 [ (z) − −Fθ 0] − ln z , z 0u (12b) and employ LES DATABASE64 to determine their dependences on ξ = z/L ∗ .

S. S. fi I. N. Esau · S. S. Zilitinkevich Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre/Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, Bergen, Norway S. S. Zilitinkevich Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, Finland Atmospheric Boundary Layers. A. Baklanov & B. V. 2007 37 38 S. S. Zilitinkevich, I. N. Esau We focus on the flux–profile relationships for stable and neutral stratifications. At first sight, these could be obtained numerically using an adequate turbulence-closure model. However, this way is too computationally expensive: the mean gradients close to the surface are very sharp, which requires very high resolution, not to mention that the adequate closure for strongly stable stratification can hardly be considered as a fully understood, easy problem.

3–4 the Richardson number, Ri≡ β(d /dz)(dU/dz)−2 , monotonically increases with increasing z/L, and at z/L → ∞ achieves its maximum value: Ric = k 2 C 1 k T−1 CU−21 . In other words, Eq. 4 is not applicable to Ri > Ric . This conclusion is consistent with the critical Richardson number concept, universally accepted at the time when the MO theory and Eqs. 3–5 were formulated. 40 S. S. Zilitinkevich, I. N. Esau However, as recognised recently, the concept of the critical Ri contradicts both experimental evidence and analysis of the turbulent kinetic and potential energy budgets (see Zilitinkevich et al.

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