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By Christopher Duffy

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Precise rationalization of the 1805 conflict of Austerlitz. consequence used to be an immense French victory by way of Napoleon over the Emperors of Austria and Russia.

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In 1805 the prime exemplar was the wily Kutuzov, who owed his survival as much to his nose for the atmosphere at court, as to his skill in campaigning against the Turks. Buxhowden was another one of this ilk. He was an Estonian German who had advanced himself by marrying an illegitimate daughter of the Tsarina Catherine. In the course of the Austerlitz campaign he established his headquarters in the house of the parish priest of Kutscherau in Moravia. His host described him thus: 'a man of extreme conceit and pride, but also, if I am not mistaken of very little education .

The Austrian artillery was a relic of the eighteenth century. The gunners stood on a totally inadequate establishment of 11,260 men, who were divided into four regiments of sixteen companies apiece. According to a bad old system the gunners had to borrow unwilling labour from the infantry to fill out the gun detachments. Likewise the teams of artillery horses had to be created anew 27 every time hostilities broke out, and as a consequence the Austrians embarked on the campaign of 1805 with only half the full complement.

14) to sweep forward and bring his forces together in sudden and decisive concentrations. To the old-fashioned armies the word 'concentration' merely signified heaping together troops on a given spot. Napoleon's massing of strength was of a different order, which derived from a rational articulation of forces over a wide theatre of war. Thus he preserved a wide choice of options until he judged the time was ripe to bring on an action. Napoleon managed his battles like a campaign in miniature. He usually began the action on a wide front, so as to confuse the enemy and pin them down.

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