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By Robert S. Kaplan, David P. Norton

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Units A & D may not form a brigade group (mixed infantry & cayahy) ñor units A & C (not contiguous) A Wavering unit must: • Not move to or within 6MU of an enemy unit ñor move closer to any enemy already at or within 6MU. • Take a Cohesión Test if assaulted. • Make an outcome move instead of dropping a cohesión level from shooting if none of the shooting is at cióse range (even if the cióse range shooting does not cause a hit). • Become Broken if dropping another cohesión level from any cause. MOVEMENT OF COMMANDERS • A Corps Commander may only move voluntarily by expending one of his own Command Points except during the Recovery Phase.

This test is used whenever a unit makes any of The table is split into 2 sections - one for actions only occurring during the Assault Phase and one for the following moves or formation changes: normal movement actions. • Any manoeuvre or formation change listed on the complex move table as requiring a test. ASSAULT PHASE ONLY Activity Waveñng Steady or Disordered Assault through friends who are not Skirmishers, Artillery or part of the same división Cavalry assaulting a target also being assaulted by Infantry Complex Mounted Skirmishers assaulting the front of Steady or Disordered non-Sktmushers.

Any single unit (not Brigade Group] can pass through another friendly unit if the unit being passed through remains stationary throughout the movement phase. The moving unit will be required to pass a CMT if it is of a different command to the stationary unit and neither is Skirmishers or Artillery. • Interpenetrations are only permitted if: • There is sufficient space beyond the unit passed though. • The moving unit can move its front edge (or rear edge if moving backwards) at least half way through the stationary unit.

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Balanced Scorecard Report - The Strategy Execution Source - Volume 10 Number 6 - Nov-Dec 2008 by Robert S. Kaplan, David P. Norton

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