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Dambati Bolo was in turn succeeded by his eldest son. Bolo Tamba . Bolo Tamba was a tireless fighter and made frequent incursions into the Kissi country in search of slaves. He was also a feared magician. He could bring down thunder and lightning at will. even in the dry sea­ son. and so intim idate his enemies. Ou tsiders lived in trepidation of Bolo Tamba but saw that his powers could p ro tect as well as destroy. In the late 1 9 5 0s the Marah rulers in the chiefdoms to the east-Neya . Mongo .

He declared solemnly. " I have something to tell you . something you have not heard before in all your life and will never hear again. You r father. Balansama . is dead . " I n fact Balansama had died and been buried two days before . The orator's announcement simply marked the beginning of ceremonies. attended by rulers from other chie fdom s . in honor o f the late chief Young warriors poured into the town firing guns and cutting the air with their swords . In the great cou rtyard the xylophonists cried .

He chanced upon a copy o f Laing ' s Travels in the Timannee. Kooranko. and Soolima Countries. That night he read it straight through and at once resolved to travel to the source of the Niger The years of inertia and mediocrity were over. He would fulfill Laing ' s ambi tion and connect his own name forever with the Niger. At the same time he would study firsthand . customs that might throw new light on the histo ry of reli­ gion. Reade left Freetown in January 1 869. The Geographical Society had lent him a sextant and artificial horizon to make precise measure­ ments at the Niger source .

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