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By Bernice Schacter, Kary B. Mullis

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With development in biotechnology comes controversy, every body has an opinion in regards to the merits or risks of the recent know-how. This sequence explores both sides of the problems. a long time 12-16 years. worldwide society. a while 12+

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Today, these drugs are produced by chemical methods, without relying on harvesting wild or cultivated plants. FINDING MEDICINES IN NATURE Plants have traditionally played a major role in medicine, with herbs and other plants providing teas, balms, and salves. Although we might like to think that modern science has led us away from these seemingly simplistic sources for healing, one of the most effective modern cancer drugs came out of a massive government search for new cancer medicines from plants, a search that ranged around the globe.

This includes medicines ranging from aspirin to antibiotics and even Taxol, one of the most widely used cancer drugs. Plants and animals were widely used in traditional medicine, and nature’s “medicine cabinet” was the source for many early drugs as chemists learned how to isolate the specific compounds that made medicinal plants useful in treating human illness. Not surprisingly, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies still search all over the world today for new and better drugs. These searches are based both on folk medicines and on systematic tests of extracts from previously unknown plants and microorganisms.

If the embryo attaches to the uterus, the pregnancy will go forward and healthy pups, or baby mice, will develop. Successful development of transgenic mice is not certain, because only one-third of the embryos placed into a mouse uterus develop into live animals, and only a few may carry the transgene and produce the desired protein. A second method provides a more certain outcome. Before the manipulated embryo is put into the mouse’s uterus, that genetic information is present and in a form that will drive production of a protein.

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