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The bulk of their diet consists of large mammals, although they also catch small mammals, birds, or reptiles when the opportunity arises. They are not scavengers. They generally eat only fresh meat, something they have killed or succeeded in taking away from another predator. BUFFALO ZEBRA GIRAFFE GNU GAZELLE ANTELOPE THE TAIL Measures some 35 inches (90 cm) in length and allows them to keep their balance while running. They also use it to shoo away flies. Lions are characterized by a strong, muscular physique.

HEAD is kept permanently erect, observing the burrow's surroundings. ON THEIR BACKS If this tactic fails, they throw themselves down on their backs to protect their necks, showing their fangs and claws. ABOUT When a predator is detected, the lookout warns its group so that all of them can take cover in a nearby hole. This role rotates among different members of the group, and the warning is given by a very wide repertoire of sounds, each of which has a distinct meaning. SIGHT Binocular and in color, it allows them to locate their greatest predators, birds of prey.

ANNUAL PRODUCTION OF FRESH MILK 140 Internal layers of the separator where cream particles are decanted as grainy sediment MILK PRODUCTS CHEESE YOGURT BUTTER ICE CREAM CREAM DULCE DE LECHE Cream Tanks FILLING MACHINE Except in the case of longlife milk, the machine fills containers that will allow the milk to be preserved for two weeks under adequately cold conditions. billion gallons 90 RELATIONSHIP WITH PEOPLE The Human Threat FAMILY HYLOBATIDAE Families of Primates DEGREE OF THREAT O ver the next 30 years, almost a quarter of the mammals could disappear from the face of the Earth, according to the United Nations.

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