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The festivities of Isis were celebrated in the temple of Apollo. M. POMPEII'S FORUM This was the political, religious, and commercial heart of the city. Every day the forum was alive with Pompeii's citizens, as it was on August 24. 2 The tongues of lava from the volcano were seen better at night. The next morning the Sun's light could not be seen through the ash cloud. Pliny's narrative mentions a constant rain of SEQUENCE OF THE ERUPTION For more than 20 hours (the time the eruption lasted), the ash column rose and then fell on the surrounding area.

NEW ZEALAND EARTHQUAKE 3 SOUTHERN ALPS EPICENTER Point on the Earth's surface located directly above the focus. 3 Tension Versus Resistance Because the force of displacement is still active even when the plates are not moving, the tension grows. Rock layers near the boundary are distorted and crack. AFTERSHOCK ALPINE FAULT EARTHQUAKES PER YEAR 2 Tension Is Generated The plates move in opposite directions, sliding along the fault line. At a certain point along the fault, they catch on each other.

LITHOSPHERE SEISMOMETER Placement of the Seismometer The movement of the sensor mechanism, located under the ground, is converted into electric signals that are transmitted either to the recording module located on the surface or to computers. GPS The global positioning system (GPS) receiver picks up signals from the satellites and transmits them to the observatories. Because these signals register the receivers' exact locations, a change in their position over time indicates a movement in the crust.

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