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3. a. Draw a side view of Marianne’s flight path with the new glider. b. Copy the table below and complete it for the new glider. 3 cm This picture is based on three separate photographs, taken one after the other. It shows a model glider that is used in laboratory experiments. By taking three pictures within a short period of time, you can determine the path of the glider. 4. In your notebook, trace the path of this glider and make a scale drawing similar to the drawing on top of page 33. Use your scale drawing to answer the following questions.

C ␣ A B sin ␣ ‫؍‬ side opposite ␣ BC ‫؍‬ hypotenuse AC The other is the cosine ratio, abbreviated cos ␣. ” Refer back to your scale drawing of the ladder situation in problem 7, where angle A ‫ ؍‬70° and the length of the ladder is 10 m. 70° A B cos 70° ‫؍‬ side adjacent to ␣ AB horizontal distance of the ladder to the wall ‫؍‬ ‫؍‬ hypotenuse AC length of the ladder Section E: Reasoning with Ratios 51 E Reasoning with Ratios 8. a. Find the value of cos 70°. Use the table from the appendix or your calculator.

From what direction is the sun shining? f yo su ra 240 m shadow height ht g nli The picture to the left shows the pyramid and its shadow at the same time of day. The length of the pyramid’s shadow, measured from the center of the pyramid, is 240 m. 2. Compare the height of the stick and the length of its shadow to find the height of the pyramid. Explain your reasoning. Additional Practice 57 Additional Practice Section C Shadows and Angles 1. Use a compass card or a protractor and a ruler to make side-view drawings to scale of the following ladders.

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