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They were forever dropping their pants or socking each other. They’d ignore you all day from a distance of two feet, then suddenly come over and bellow a chorus of “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree” about two inches from your nose. Surpassingly uncultured, they were nimble conversationalists, each with his unique idioms, jokes, passwords. One might almost call them sociable but for their ferocious sense of kind, of belonging to something that by its very nature had to—but also by its simple willfulness wanted to—exclude everyone who wasn’t of the brotherhood.

Childlike honesty throws Them completely off. , “Don’t be afraid of bullies; stand up to Them and they’ll run away,” “If you stop crying and wait till we get home, I’ll make you an apple pancake,” “We have no favorites; we love you all equally”), your speaking truth undermines Their ethical position. Furthermore, lying is a sophisticated art generally beyond even the most gifted youngster. Almost any effort is doomed. And, remember: your failure is Their success. It is essential to avoid any error that will invigorate Their sense of power, and Their joy in that power.

Your socks don’t match! Wash your hair! Who left these dishes in the sink? Don’t you dare touch that cheese—I said you cannot make pizza! The kitchen is closed! ” says Andrew. Actually, she has. My dad, as a character in my childhood, was as peaceful as a Rodin, ensconced in his chair, dreaming deep in a book (whereupon we kids would hit him for advances on our allowance—by my fourteenth birthday I was overdrawn through 1997). But Mother was a series of interrogations, moralistic harangues, and grouchings.

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