J. Donald Monk's Cardinal Invariants on Boolean Algebras: Second Revised PDF

By J. Donald Monk

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This publication is anxious with cardinal quantity valued services outlined for any Boolean algebra. Examples of such services are independence, which assigns to every Boolean algebra the supremum of the cardinalities of its loose subalgebras, and cellularity, which supplies the supremum of cardinalities of units of pairwise disjoint components. Twenty-one such features are studied intimately, and lots of extra in passing. The questions thought of are the behaviour of those capabilities less than algebraic operations akin to items, loose items, ultraproducts, and their relationships to at least one another.

Assuming familiarity with in basic terms the fundamentals of Boolean algebras and set concept, via uncomplicated endless combinatorics and forcing, the booklet reports present wisdom approximately those capabilities, giving whole proofs for many proof. a unique characteristic of the ebook is the eye given to open difficulties, of which 185 are formulated.

Based on Cardinal capabilities on Boolean Algebras (1990) and Cardinal Invariants on Boolean Algebras (1996) by means of an identical writer, the current paintings is far higher than both of those. It includes ideas to the various open difficulties of the sooner volumes. one of the new themes are continuum cardinals on Boolean algebras, with a long therapy of the reaping quantity. Diagrams on the finish of the booklet summarize the relationships among the capabilities for plenty of very important sessions of Boolean algebras, together with period algebras, tree algebras and superatomic algebras.

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This being true for all i, it follows that x · y ∈ B. We claim that F ∩ B ∈ S B (x·y) ⊆ g −1 [U ]. Obviously F ∩B ∈ S B (x·y). Suppose that x·y ∈ G∩B, where G is an ultrafilter on C. Then G ∈ S C (x), and hence g(G∩B) = π(G) ∈ U , as desired. Case 2. F ∈ K. Thus K ⊆ π −1 [U ]. Choose y ∈ C such that K ⊆ S C (y) ⊆ π −1 [U ]. Thus y ∈ B. We claim that F ∩ B ∈ S B (y) ⊆ g −1 [U ]. Obviously F ∩ B ∈ S B (y). Now suppose that G∩B ∈ S B (y), where G is an ultrafilter on C. Then G ∈ S C (y), and g(G ∩ B) = π(G) ∈ U , as desired.

S∈G Now we give a theorem which is deeper than the ones presented so far. The hard part, (ii)⇒(i), is due to Purisch and Nikiel, who proved it topologically. The present purely algebraic proof is due to Heindorf [97]. For the easy part we need two simple lemmas. 19. If T is a pseudo-tree and t ∈ T , then (Treealg(T )) same as Treealg(T ↑ t). 20. If T is a finite tree with a least element r, then Treealg(T ) can be embedded in an interval algebra. In fact, there is an isomorphism f from Treealg(T ) into an interval algebra Intalg(L) with the following properties: (i) For each t ∈ T , f (T ↑ t) has the form [ct , dt ) with ct < dt ≤ ∞.

Again, take n minimal for this situation. Since s1 ≤ r, we have n > 1. By the minimality of n and the fact that R is a ramification set, the elements r, s2 , . . , sn are pairwise disjoint. Also by the minimality of n, s1 · r = 0 = s1 · si for all i > 1; hence r ≤ s1 and si ≤ s1 for all i > 1. Hence s1 = r + s2 + · · · + sn , and it follows that r = s1 · −(s2 + · · · + sn ) ∈ S , as desired. With these preliminaries over, we can now give our abstract characterization of pseudo-tree algebras. 44 Chapter 2.

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