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The manner in which an airplane part is damaged can tell investigators a lot about the circumstances surrounding an air disaster. Numerous pieces of wreckage recovered from Flight 447 exhibited an upward deformation, indicating the plane slammed into the water belly first, rather than in a nosedive. Brazilian military personnel recover debris from the missing Air France Flight 447 that disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean in 2009. Investigators eventually concluded that mechanical failure and a series of human errors contributed to the craft’s demise.

Attacks on Mass Transit Public transportation systems are vital to large cities around the world. For that reason, the buses, trains, and subways that carry people to and from their jobs each day present an inviting target for terrorism. Hundreds of passengers packed into a confined space offer an attractive target for potential terror attacks. In the first decade of the 2000s, two European capitals became the focus of such terrorist plots. Rush hour in Madrid is much like rush hour in any other big city.

56 October 12, 2002, was a typical Saturday night, with crowds of tourists jamming the bars and clubs. m. tourist Chris Beirne walked into Paddy’s Pub, a popular night spot filled with 150 laughing, dancing customers. A few minutes later an explosion rocked the bar. “There was a flash,” recalled Beirne, “a little bit yellow and white at the top. . Everybody was silhouetted, all the heads. ”58 A few seconds later another blast detonated outside the Sari Club across the street from Paddy’s. “All of a sudden there was a thud,” a survivor later said.

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