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By Mao Tse-Tung

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17 In 1906 this whole region was repackaged as the Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria, although the city of Lagos remained a colony. It was a colony whose inhabitants were British citizens used to British courts and that was making progress in health and education, but the arrival of white officials with racist ideas was creating spatial and economic divisions. Real British penetration in southern Nigeria, with its variety of petty chiefdoms and difficult geography, was slow and peppered with conflicts.

Yoruba obas had never collected taxes, and they ruled by an intricate system of consensus. In the north, the Muslim emirs had been taxing their peoples for hundreds of years, in a not always benevolent despotism. The colonial authorities were nervous about pro-Germanism at a time when most of their trained troops were outside Nigeria. The reality was that the country was still unsettled and not accepting of external British rule. This was illustrated in the last year of the war when direct taxation was imposed on Egbas, the most independently minded Yoruba group, at the start of January 1918.

B. DuBois. The delegation included representatives from the Gold Coast, Sierra Leone and the Gambia, as well as three, among them Herbert Macaulay, from Nigeria. The NCBWA had six demands. It wanted a legislative council for each of the west African colonies, with half its members elected and half nominated. It wanted the appointment and deposition of chiefs to be in the hands of their peoples, not the colonial governors. It wanted separation of the executive from the judiciary (a rather blurred area under Lugard).

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