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By Bill Jelen

ISBN-10: 0789736101

ISBN-13: 9780789736109

After 15 years without updates to the Excel charting engine, Microsoft has supplied a whole rewrite of the chart rendering engine in Excel 2007. despite the fact that, no volume of sentimental glow or glass bevel results might help you converse your element if you happen to use the incorrect chart variety. This e-book is helping you opt the perfect charting variety and indicates you ways to make it glance great.This e-book exhibits you ways to coax Excel to create many charts it's possible you'll no longer have believed have been attainable. You’ll study strategies that let you ditch the Microsoft defaults and truly create charts that converse your aspect. You’ll examine why the Excel inventory charts are so restrictive and the way you could simply flip any line chart right into a inventory chart–without any obstacles. You’ll additionally find out how to upload invisible sequence to make columns glide in midair. the way to create charts correct in Excel cells utilizing the recent Excel 2007 facts bars–or even the decades-old REPT functions.In no time, this booklet could have you developing charts that wow your viewers and successfully converse your message. * grasp powerful visible exhibit of information * decide upon definitely the right chart kind to exhibit your message * examine time-saving workarounds * Create charts that almost all humans imagine you can’t create with Excel * comprehend what a Radar chart is and in case you may possibly use it * Summarize one million rows of information in one pivot desk chart * current info graphically with no charts * hire SmartArt pics to teach strategy or dating charts * make the most of VBA to create charts * placed your information on a map * Export your charts to the internet or PowerPoint * discover chart lies

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You can also apply effects such as glow to the legend entries. You can also remove certain legend entries. When an individual legend entry is selected, press the Delete key. This becomes useful when you are using extra series to add elements to a chart. Several examples in Chapter 7, “Advanced Chart Techniques,” utilize this method. Using the Format Legend Dialog To use the Format Legend dialog, you choose More Legend Options from the Legend drop-down on the Layout ribbon. This dialog allows you to change the fill color, the border color, the border styles, and the shadow behind the legend.

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