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By Albert Hérold (auth.), A. P. Legrand, S. Flandrois (eds.)

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If, R = 19. 2Cl6 [18] Mossbauer spectra [19] [20] show the presence of Sb V and Sb III in the layers and suggest that SbCl5 disproportionate into SbCI6- and SbCI3, playing 24 both roles of an oxidising agent and of a Lewis acid. s As for in (a) the values of m and p depend on the conditions (liquid or vapour phase, temperature). Accomodation of SbCI 6 - ions and SbCI s orSb2CI10 molecules seems to be possible in the molecular layers. SoC for SbCIs) can lead to a segregation of the trichloride [20] which seems to be confirmed by NMR of 13C [21].

Brackets indicate uncertain intercalation. In the following pages only several aspects of acceptor intercalation will be studied, using a small number of examples, with selected references. Forsman's review [F] is of particuliar interest. Table 6. Intercalated acceptors (I, II •. = oxidation state) Halogens Fluorides FZ CI Z Br Z II III IV V VI Chlorides Si As Mo Br II-x Br x I Ge Ti I I Sb Nb Ta I I W I u I Re Xe lOs Ir Pt VI Mg Zn Cd Hg I Mn / Fe Co Ni Pd B Al Ga In T1 / Cr / Fe Ru Os / Y Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Lu (Si) Sn Zr Hf I Re / Pt Sb Nb Ta / Mo I u W II III Cd Al V U II III IV V Bromides Kr Xe B I Cl Br l -x CI x II -xCI x Hg Ga / Fe Tl / Oxyfluorides V VI VOF3 XeOF4 Oxychlorides V CroZCI Z Oxides V VI VII NZ 05 S03 (Se03) / CIZ 0 7 (Rez 0 7) Nitrates II Cu Al Ge Oxynitrates (x = N03) V VI III IV Zn Ga Ti / Fe CrOZFZ In Cu Au MoOF4 WOF 4 Cr03 / M M / I Au Fe CO V Cr, Mo, W 21 b) What is an electron acceptor?

G. Nietfeld, K. D. Wageringel, ISGIC 3, in Synth. Met. 7(1983)143 49. E. Stumpp, S. Gieschinger, G. Nietfeld, "Carbon 86", Baden-Baden, Ext. Abstr. p451 50. N. Watanabe, Proc. of the Yamada Conf. IV, Sendai 1980, in Physica 105 B (1981) 17 51. W. , Rudorff, Z. Anorg. AIIg. Chern. 253 (1947)281 52. T. Nakajima, M. Kawaguchi, N. Watanabe, Carbon, 20 (1982)287 and ISGIC 3 in Synth. Met. 7 (1983)117 53. I. Palchan, D. Vaknin, D. Davidov, H. Selig, "Carbon 86" Baden-Baden, Ext. Abstr. p462 54. I. Toubara, ISGIC 4, Jerusalem, 1987 to be published in Synth.

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