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By Marcel Florkin

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ISBN-13: 9780123955371

Chemical Zoology, quantity IV: Annelida, Echiura, and Sipuncula provides chemical info on zoological value of Annelida, Echiura, and Sipuncula. This ebook is equipped into thirteen chapters that take on the organic and biochemical elements of those phyla.
The commencing bankruptcy describes the comparative anatomy, phylogeny, and category of Annelida, Echiura, and Sipuncula. The publication is going on discussing the organic points of those phyla, together with foodstuff and digestion; breathing and effort metabolism; oxygen shipping; and carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism. This quantity additionally covers those organisms' composition of guanidine compounds and phosphagens, lipids, inorganic elements, and pigments. different chapters take care of the expansion and improvement, luminescence, endocrines, and pharmacologic homes of Annelida, Echiura, and Sipuncula.
This e-book is a useful source for zoologists and biochemists.

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T h e Branchiobdellidae are regarded as primitive oligochaetes closely related to the Lumbriculidae (Stephenson, 1930) and possess an essentially oligochaete anatomy and musculature (Schmidt, 1903; Pierantoni, 1912); the Acanthobdellidae are now generally considered to b e primitive leeches (Mann, 1962) although they were at one time included among the Oligochaeta (Michaelsen, 1919). In a recent re-examination of the Branchiobdellidae, Holt (1965) has emphasized their divergence from the generality of oligochaetes, which is particularly conspicuous if somatic characters are considered.

6. The dorsal and ventral mesenteries supporting the gut are retained intact. 7. The blood vascular system is simpler than that of annelids. Although there has been general agreement with few dissidents ( M a c ­ intosh, 1875b; Giard, 1880; Goodrich, 1901) that these features of the adult are primitive ones, attention must b e directed also to the larva. Hatschek ( 1 8 7 8 ) , in his study of the development of Polygordius, coined the term trochophore for the earliest larval stage of this worm and presented his trochophore theory of the common origin of all groups possessing a trochophore-like larva from a trochophore-like ancestor, the "Trochozoon," to which Polygordius was supposed to b e very closely related.

Whether or not these leechlike morphological changes are accompanied by corresponding changes in locomotory habit is unrecorded, but certainly in Aeolosoma bengalense, the broad prostomium is capable of acting as a temporary sucker (Aiyar, 1926), and the Branchiobdellidae show a typical adapta­ tion of ectoparasites with the development of a terminal disclike sucker. E v e n the loss of chaetae is not a feature confined to leeches. T h e enchytraeid Achaeta lacks them and they are missing from a number of seg­ ments in some naidids.

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