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Lloyd George was his senior by eleven years and he saw him as a political ‘man of the world’ who knew what was done and not done. One difference was that Winston knew when he was being unscrupulous, whereas Lloyd George did not. Winston, on the rare occasions when he attempted to deceive, was so transparent a deceiver that his ultimate sincerity was beyond doubt, whereas Lloyd George’s sincerity was often questioned by those who were not under his spell . . I began to notice a new political inflection in his attitudes and even in his words.

But the impelling force was Churchill’s; the initiative was solely his; and the responsibility for what ensued must be principally his. Questions 1. Read Source A. What is the main criticism in this Source of Churchill’s conduct in pressing the War Council to adopt the Dardanelles plan? (3) 2. How useful are Sources B and C to a historian assessing Churchill’s role in the decision to implement the Dardanelles plan? (5) 3. To what extent do Sources D and E disagree in their interpretation of Churchill’s responsibility for the decision to attack the Dardanelles?

ANALYSIS (2): TO WHAT EXTENT WERE CHURCHILL’S ACTIONS DURING THE GENERAL STRIKE IN 1926 TYPICAL OF HIS ATTITUDE TOWARDS LABOUR? ’9 His reputation for belligerence towards labour protest was well known and was reinforced in many people’s minds by his actions and words during the tense days of the General Strike. His colleagues in government, too, condemned his attitude towards the trade unions, but they thought his approach was too conciliatory during the long-running miners’ strike. What, then, to make of this contradiction?

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