Ciba Foundation Symposium - Strategy of the Viral Genome by Knight / Wolstenholme Editors PDF

By Knight / Wolstenholme Editors

ISBN-10: 0470719826

ISBN-13: 9780470719824

ISBN-10: 0700015256

ISBN-13: 9780700015252

Chapter 1 Chairman's advent: technique of the Viral Genome (pages 1–4): J. H. Subak?Sharpe
Chapter 2 a few Enzymes laid out in DNA Phages (pages 5–24): Seymour S. Cohen
Chapter three Enzymes laid out in DNA?Containing Animal Viruses (pages 25–44): B. R. Mcauslan
Chapter four Extracellular suggestions of a Replicating RNA Genome (pages 45–73): S. Spisgelman
Chapter five additional Characterization of the Genetic Map of Poliovirus Temperature?Sensitive Mutants (pages 75–100): P. D. Cooper, E. Geissler, P. D. Scotti and G. A. Tannock
Chapter 6 The Synthesis of Protein via Mammalian RNA Viruses (pages 101–110): David Baltimore, Alice Huang, Kenneth F. Manly, Dawd Rekosh and Martha Stampfer
Chapter 7 the interpretation and Processing of Poliovirus Proteins (pages 111–140): D.F. Summers, M. Roumiantzeff and J. V. Maizel
Chapter eight Phage Repressors (pages 141–153): Mark Ptashne
Chapter nine The Subversion of the Bacterial Transcription equipment in the course of Phage an infection (pages 155–168): Andrew Travers
Chapter 10 Phage?Specified move RNA's (pages 169–178): Urn Z. Littauer, Violet Daniel and Sara Sarid
Chapter eleven Transcription in vitro of the Eschenchia coli tRNATyr Gene Carried by means of the Transducing Bacteriophage 80PSU+3 (pages 179–189): Uribl Z. Littauer, Violet Daniel, Jacques S. Beckmann and Sara Sarid
Chapter 12 Phage?Induced Conversion of Host Valy?tRNA Synthetase (pages 191–205): William H. Mcclain, George L. Marchin and Frederick C. Neidhardt
Chapter thirteen Lambda keep an eye on platforms (pages 207–228): Francois Gros, Nat Sternberg, Marcel Bouquet and Philippe Kourilsky
Chapter 14 technique of Simian Virus forty (pages 229–265): Saul equipment, D. R. Dubbs and okay. Somers
Chapter 15 Polyoma Gene capabilities Required for phone Transformation (pages 267–274): Walter Eckhart
Chapter sixteen Temperature?Restricted Mutants of Human Adenovirus kind five (pages 275–294): J. F. Williams and S. Ustacelebi
Chapter 17 Virus?Induced, Tumour?Associated Antigens (pages 295–315): George Klein
Chapter 18 The RNA Tumour Virus DNA Polymerase: examine of the Endogenous and Exogenous Reactions (pages 317–323): David Baltimore, Donna Smoler, Kenneth F. Manly and Esther Bromfeld
Chapter 19 Proteins laid out in RNA Tumour Viruses (pages 325–334): S. Spiegelman
Chapter 20 Adenovirus?Specified Proteins (pages 335–353): W. C. Russell
Chapter 21 Herpes Virus?Specified Proteins (pages 355–387): J. Hay, A. J. Perera, J. M. Morrison, G. A. Gentry and J. H. Subak?Sharpe
Chapter 22 Chairman's Conclusions: technique of the Viral Genome (pages 389–394): J. H. Subak?Sharpe

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1971)To be published. C. and WHSSBACH, A. (1969)J. Virol. 4, 15-23. BWS, K. , SILVERMAN, BLACK, P. H. (1968) A. Rev. Minobiol. 22,391. CHANG, L. M. and HODES, M. E. (1967) Virology 32,258-266. COHEN,S. (1968) Virus-induced Enzymes. New York: Columbia University Press. DAHL,R. and KATES,J. R. (1970) Virology 4,463-472. ERON,L. and MCAUSLAN, B. R. (1966) Biochem. biophys. Res. Commun. 22, 518-523. GOLD,P. and DALES, S. (1968) Proc. nutn. Acud. Sci. A. 60,845-852. , CAME,P. E. and BREEZE, D. (1966) Virology 29,133-148.

Also, are you sure that the DNA is liberated as a naked molecule, or could some of the structural core components still function in some regulatory fashion in virus replication? McAuslun: We found some DNA polymerase activity with the virus when it was assayed with exogenous primer. This is mostly lost if the virus is purified extensively, so we think it is just stuck to the virus. If we try to open up the virus with detergents or any other method we find very little DNA polymerase in there. Of course we may not be assaying in the right way.

The ansamycin rifampicin inhibits poxvirus replication by preventing maturation of virus particles (Moss et al. 1969). In these conditions the rate of poxvirus mRNA synthesis is unaffected (McAuslan 1969) although the virion polymerase activity described above is not elicited. (See Fig. ) If rifampicin inhibits the appearance of this activity by preventing binding of the polymerase to viral DNA then some other enzyme species should transcribe late mRNA in vivo. On the other hand, the induced virion polymerase may not be measurable, simply because rifampicin inhibits the assembly of viral particles at an early step; to be measurable E N Z Y M E S SPECIFIED B Y ANIMAL D N A VIRUSES 29 the polymerase must be incorporated into some minimal subviral structure.

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