Mary McAuliffe's Clash of Crowns: William the Conqueror, Richard Lionheart, PDF

By Mary McAuliffe

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Clash among England and France was once a truth of existence for hundreds of years, yet few observe that its origins date from the time of the Vikings, while a Norse chieftain named Rollo tested himself and his progeny in Normandy. during this compelling and wonderful background, Mary McAuliffe takes the reader again to these darkish and turbulent occasions whilst Rollo’s descendants, the dukes of Normandy, asserted their dominance over the susceptible French monarchy—a dominance that grew to become in particular threatening after Duke William conquered England in 1066, giving him a royal crown.

Despite this crown, William the Conqueror and his royal successors remained dukes of Normandy, with feudal tasks to their overlord, the king of France. This certainly fostered an ongoing hostility among the French and English crowns that, as McAuliffe convincingly indicates, grew to become ever extra explosive because the power and territorial holdings of the English monarchs grew. clash erupted on a regular basis through the years, and Eleanor of Aquitaine’s desertion of 1 camp for the opposite in basic terms extra gasoline to the long-simmering feud.

McAuliffe takes the reader again to this dramatic period, delivering the attention-grabbing heritage and context for this “clash of crowns.” She deals colourful insights into Richard Lionheart and Eleanor of Aquitaine in addition to lesser-known French and English monarchs, specially Philip II of France. Philip proved a decided opponent of Richard Lionheart, and their cutthroat contention not just created deadly divisions in the 3rd campaign but in addition culminated in an incendiary faceoff at Richard’s newly outfitted Château-Gaillard, the likely impregnable gateway to empire. the end result might form the process English and French heritage during the centuries that undefined.

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