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About the writer: Karoly Bezdek acquired his Dr.rer.nat.(1980) and Habilitation (1997) levels in arithmetic from the Eötvös Loránd college, in Budapest and his Candidate of Mathematical Sciences (1985) and health care professional of Mathematical Sciences (1994) levels from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. he's the writer of greater than a hundred examine papers and at present he's professor and Canada study Chair of arithmetic on the college of Calgary. in regards to the booklet: This multipurpose booklet can function a textbook for a semester lengthy graduate point path giving a quick creation to Discrete Geometry. It can also function a examine monograph that leads the reader to the frontiers of the latest examine advancements within the classical center a part of discrete geometry. ultimately, the forty-some chosen study difficulties provide an outstanding likelihood to exploit the booklet as a brief challenge ebook aimed toward complicated undergraduate and graduate scholars in addition to researchers. The textual content is situated round 4 significant and through now classical difficulties in discrete geometry. the 1st is the matter of densest sphere packings, which has greater than a hundred years of mathematically wealthy historical past. the second one significant issue is usually quoted below the nearly 50 years previous illumination conjecture of V. Boltyanski and H. Hadwiger. The 3rd subject is on masking by means of planks and cylinders with emphases at the affine invariant model of Tarski's plank challenge, which used to be raised through T. Bang greater than 50 years in the past. The fourth subject is based round the Kneser-Poulsen Conjecture, which is also nearly 50 years previous. All 4 issues witnessed very fresh step forward effects, explaining their significant position during this book.

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2 If the convex body C is covered by the planks P1 , P2 , . . , Pn in Ed , d ≥ 2, then n wC (Pi ) ≥ 1. 2, when the convex body to be covered is centrally symmetric, has been proved by Ball in [12]. Thus, the following is Ball’s plank theorem. 3 If the centrally symmetric convex body C is covered by the planks P1 , P2 , . . , Pn in Ed , d ≥ 2, then n wC (Pi ) ≥ 1. 1 to derive a new argument for an improvement of the Davenport–Rogers lower bound on the density of economical sphere lattice packings.

32 3 Coverings by Homothetic Bodies - Illumination and Related Topics Kiss and de Wet [180] conjecture the following. 3 The illumination parameter of any o-symmetric convex body in E3 is at most 12. Motivated by the notion of the illumination parameter Swanepoel [235] introduced the covering parameter cov(Ko ) of Ko in the following way. (1 − λi )−1 | Ko ⊂ ∪i (λi Ko + ti ), 0 < λi < 1, ti ∈ Ed }. cov(Ko ) = inf{ i In this way homothets almost as large as Ko are penalised. Swanepoel [235] proved the following fundamental inequalities.

Ln such that Li ⊂ Ed \ K for all 1 ≤ i ≤ n and L1 , L2 , . . , Ln illuminate K. Il (K) is called the l-dimensional illumination number of K and the sequence I0 (K), I1 (K), . . , Id−2 (K), Id−1 (K) is called the successive illumination numbers of K. Obviously, I0 (K) ≥ I1 (K) ≥ · · · ≥ Id−2 (K) ≥ Id−1 (K) = 2. Let Sd−1 be the unit sphere centered at the origin of Ed . Let HS l ⊂ Sd−1 be an l-dimensional open great-hemisphere of Sd−1 , where 0 ≤ l ≤ d − 1. Then HS l illuminates the boundary point q of K if there exists a unit vector v ∈ HS l that illuminates q, in other words, for which it 30 3 Coverings by Homothetic Bodies - Illumination and Related Topics is true that the halfline emanating from q and having direction vector v intersects the interior of K.

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