Coarse Geometry and Randomness: École d'Été de Probabilités - download pdf or read online

By Itai Benjamini

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These lecture notes research the interaction among randomness and geometry of graphs. the 1st a part of the notes stories numerous simple geometric thoughts, earlier than relocating directly to research the manifestation of the underlying geometry within the habit of random strategies, normally percolation and random walk.

The research of the geometry of limitless vertex transitive graphs, and of Cayley graphs particularly, within reason good constructed. One objective of those notes is to indicate to a few random metric areas modeled by way of graphs that change into a little unique, that's, they admit a mix of houses now not encountered within the vertex transitive international. those contain percolation clusters on vertex transitive graphs, serious clusters, neighborhood and scaling limits of graphs, lengthy diversity percolation, CCCP graphs got through contracting percolation clusters on graphs, and desk bound random graphs, together with the uniform limitless planar triangulation (UIPT) and the stochastic hyperbolic planar quadrangulation (SHIQ).

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Proof. G; / be distributed according to a uniformly rooted random graph. 18. (Level 2) Show that a random rooted finite graph which satisfies the MTP is uniformly rooted. The definition of uniformly rooted graph cannot be made precise for infinite random graphs. However the MTP still has sense in that setting. 19 ([BS01b]). G; /. G; / satisfies the MTP. Proof. x; k/; x; y/ for some k 0. G; x; y/ is any bi-rooted graph. G; / 2 G 7 ! G; / 2 G 7 ! G; x; /; 46 5 Local Limits of Graphs and notice that they are bounded and continuous thanks to the fact that f only depends on a finite neighborhood.

1 /d . 4 Self Avoiding Walk 39 where the second inequality follows from the EIT property. Thus for p >  the last sum is finite and therefore supn EŒZn2  < 1, as required. 26. d regular tree/ D d1 . The EIT property concerns rooted paths in a graph. One can consider other rooted subgraphs instead of rooted paths, such as trees or even lattices. 27. Is there a measure on embedding of Z2 into Zd for some d 3, with an EIT-like property? Given two vertices in a graph, constructing a measure on paths between them with a given length and the EIT property, can give a lower bound on the probability they are connected in Bernoulli percolation.

Denote a point in the complex plane C by z D x C iy. 1 x 2 y 2 /2 I. 1) 23 24 3 The Hyperbolic Plane and Hyperbolic Graphs We denote this space by H2 , sometimes called the hyperbolic plane. 1) we see that near the origin, ds2 behaves like a scaled Euclidean metric, but there is heavy distortion near the boundary of D. 1) is often omitted from the definition of the hyperbolic metric. We remark that it is also common to identify points of H2 with points in the open unit disc in the Euclidean plane rather than in the complex plane.

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