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By Teun A. Van Dijk (auth.), Lucia Vaina, Jaakko Hintikka (eds.)

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Communication is among the such a lot hard human phenomena, and an analogous is correct of its paradigmatic verbal cognizance as a discussion. not just is conversation the most important for almost all interpersonal kin; discussion is frequently obvious as providing us additionally a paradigm for very important intra-individual procedures. the easiest recognized instance is certainly the belief of concep­ tualizing considering as an inner discussion, "inward discussion carried on by way of the brain inside of itself with no spoken sound", as Plato known as it within the Sophist. at the beginning, the research of conversation appears to be like too vaguely defmed to have a lot promise. it's as much as us, so as to communicate, to choose what to claim and the way to claim it. besides the fact that, on eloser scrutiny, the method of communique is noticeable to be topic to varied sophisticated constraints. they're due inter alia to the character of the events of the communicative act, and most significantly, to the houses of the language or different approach to illustration presupposed in that particuIar act of verbal exchange. it truly is hence now not incredible that during the research of conversation as a cognitive approach the serious concerns revolve round the nature of the representations and the character of the computations that create, preserve and interpret those representations. The time period "repre­ sentation" as used the following shows a specific approach of specifying information regarding a given subject.

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The hurnanities represent systematic disciplines aimed at the fullest possible understanding of what people say, write, or paint; in contrast, the methods of the natural sciences are heavily based upon explanation - developing and testing hypotheses and theories which provide causal and predictive information. Ricoeur emphasizes that we must use both methods of analysis together, even though various scholars have tried to assert that they are discontinuous, a non-intersecting language game; indeed, the usual American solution is to divide what an interviewer does into two parts - a scientific one and the clinical one, the clinical taking usually a second-class status.

Once this game is under way, the players cannot easily revert to their former "normal" mode of communication. Indeed, the dec1aration "Let's stop playing" may mean "Let's continue". As the authors observe, to stop the game it would be necessary to step outside the game and so to have the possibility of communicating about it by means of a metamessage. Otherwise, the message "Let's stop playing" is undecidable, because it is meaningful both at the object level (as part of the game) and at the metalevel (as a message about the game), whereas the two interpretations are contradictory and there is no possibility of deciding on the one or the other meaning.

Anatol Rapoport (Fights, Games and Debates, University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1960) has defmed three types of conflicts which are considered by Karl W. , Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1968, p. 112) as the three most important types ofinternational conflict. This typology of conflicts is defined according to the various amounts and patterns of self-control and of mutual control of the actors involved in the conflict. In afight type conflict the self-control and the mutual control of the aytors decline rapidly.

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