Péter Baranyi, Adam Csapo, Gyula Sallai's Cognitive Infocommunications (CogInfoCom) PDF

By Péter Baranyi, Adam Csapo, Gyula Sallai

ISBN-10: 3319196073

ISBN-13: 9783319196077

ISBN-10: 3319196081

ISBN-13: 9783319196084

This booklet describes the theoretical foundations of cognitive infocommunications (CogInfoCom), and offers a survey on state of the art options and purposes in the box. The e-book covers points of cognitive infocommunications in learn fields akin to affective computing, BCI, destiny web, HCI, HRI, sensory substitution, and virtual/augmented interactions, and likewise introduces newly proposed paradigms and tasks below the sector, together with CogInfoCom channels, speechability and socio-cognitive ICT. The booklet makes a speciality of describing the merging among people and data and communications expertise (ICT) on the point of cognitive services with an method in the direction of constructing destiny cognitive ICT.

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2010; Domingue et al. 2011; Alvarez et al. 2012; Galis and Gavras 2013). 2 From Telecommunications to Cognitive Infocommunications Digital technology has radically reshaped telecommunications and led to the integration with more and more functional areas and the birth of cognitive infocommunications. We identify four main overlapping phases of the evolution of the digital convergence: (1) the digitization of the separate communication sectors, (2) the digital convergence of the different communication forms, (3) the digital 26 3 ICT-Based Foundations of CogInfoCom Fig.

2012; CogInfoCom 2012, 2013). The concept of CogInfoCom will further enhance the business and societal implications of the digital convergence process and prepare the further expansion of the content space. 3 ICT, TIM, DES and CogInfoCom Different terms have been formed for the same entity from different aspects; the same term is often used in many different contexts. Some of the related terminologies are clarified in this section, and the relative position of the different terms is shown by an additive colour mixing scheme to build up a consistent terminology.

Electronic communications provide the bearing digital infrastructure for the digitalized content services and applications, whereby the convergence process has been naturally expanded to all information processing and content management functions; and the integration of telecommunications with information technology and electronic media has been realized, the infocommunication sector was born (European Commission 1997, 2010; WEF 2007; Sallai 2007; Liu 2013). Content involved voice, data and visual information, integration of media streams and explosion of multimedia are to be highlighted.

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