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How did people travel around town and between towns without cars, trains, and planes? Were colonial towns different from one area of the country to another? How were colonial towns different from Native American villages? Find out the answers to these questions and more. 95 CAN ISBN: 978-1-936313-60-0 Did You Know? Colonial America is the name given to America when talking about the years 1607–1776. Printed in China.

Traveling artist: a painter, actor, singer, or dancer who travels from place to place. tribe: a large group of people with common ancestors and customs. Today, Native Americans use the word nation instead. waterway: a stream or river that is wide and deep enough for a boat to travel on. wheelwright: someone that builds and repairs wheels. wigwam: a dome-shaped house made with poles, covered by bark or grass. Further Investigations Books Bordessa, Kris. Great Colonial America Projects You Can Build Yourself.

Goods: things to use or sell. longhouse: a house shaped like a rectangle with round corners, covered with bark. New World: what settlers from Europe called America because it was new to them. nomadic: when a group moves around to find food. population: the number of people living in an area. portrait: a painting of one or more people. printing press: a machine for printing ink onto paper. produce: farm products, especially fruits and vegetables. publish: to print newspapers or books. 25 seaport: where ships unload and load goods for sale.

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