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These notes are a list of a path given in Algiers from lOth to twenty first may perhaps, 1965. Their contents are as follows. the 1st chapters are a precis, with out proofs, of the final homes of nilpotent, solvable, and semisimple Lie algebras. those are famous effects, for which the reader can check with, for instance, bankruptcy I of Bourbaki or my Harvard notes. the idea of complicated semisimple algebras occupies Chapters III and IV. The proofs of the most theorems are basically entire; notwithstanding, i've got additionally came upon it valuable to say a few complementary effects with no facts. those are indicated via an asterisk, and the proofs are available in Bourbaki, Groupes et Algebres de Lie, Paris, Hermann, 1960-1975, Chapters IV-VIII. a last bankruptcy exhibits, with out evidence, tips to go from Lie algebras to Lie teams (complex-and additionally compact). it's only an advent, aimed toward guiding the reader in the direction of the topology of Lie teams and the speculation of algebraic teams. i'm satisfied to thank MM. Pierre Gigord and Daniel Lehmann, who wrote up a primary draft of those notes, and likewise Mlle. Franr,:oise Pecha who was once chargeable for the typing of the manuscript.

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Such that z = [x,y] is nonzero. Since a(z) = 0, we have [z,x] = 0, [z,y] = 0, [x,y] = z. These formulae show that the subalgebra a of g generated by x, y, z is solvable (and even nilpotent). If p: a -+ End(V) is a finite-dimensional linear representation of a, Lie's Theorem (Chap. I, Theorem 3) shows that there is a flag D of V stable under p(a). Since z E [a, a], we have p(z) E n(D), and hence p(z) is nilpotent. By applying this result to the representation ad: a -+ End(g), we see that z is nilpotent.

IX e S. Hence R is contained in vl u v2, and is therefore reducible. 14. Classification of Connected Coxeter Graphs Theorem* 3. : o---o-- (n vertices, n ~ 4) E7: o---o---~--~--~---o The principle of the proof is as follows. One takes a nonempty connected Coxeter graph G, with vertex-set S. , ep) = cos(n/2), cos(2n/3), cos(3n/4), cos(5n/6) as IX and p are joined by 0, 1, 2, or 3 edges. For G to be the Coxeter graph of a root system, it is necessary that this form should be positive definite (for it can be realized by one of the invariant forms of Sec.

For if B(x, y) is any positive definite symmetric bilinear form on V, the form (x, y) = L weW is invariant, and (x, x) > 0 for all x =1- 0. B(wx, wy) V. Root Systems 28 From now onwards, we let(,) denote such a form. The choice of(,) gives V the structure of a Euclidean space, with respect to which the elements of W are orthogonal transformations. (x) = x - 2-(-)ex for all x e V. ex, ex Let ex' be the element of V corresponding to ex* under the isomorphism V-+ V* determined by the chosen bilinear form.

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