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Behaves very differently from the chlorine molecule (Cl2). The radical Cl. is long-lived in the upper atmosphere, where it catalyzes the conversion of ozone into O2. Ozone absorbs UV-radiation better than O2 does, so its depletion allows more of this high energy radiation to reach the Earth's surface. Bromine atoms are even more efficient catalysts, hence brominated CFCs are also regulated. Applications Applications exploit the low toxicity, low reactivity, and low flammability of the CFCs and HCFCs.

Uranium metal exposed to steam produces a mixture of uranium hydride and uranium dioxide. Exposition of uranium metal to hydrogen leads to hydrogen embrittlement. Hydrogen diffuses through metal and forms a network of brittle hydride over the grain boundaries. Hydrogen can be removed and ductility renewed by annealing in vacuum. Uranium hydride exposed to water evolves hydrogen. In contact with strong oxidizers this may cause fire and explosions. Contact with halocarbons may cause a violent reaction.

Gas solubility decreases as carbon atoms increase, while melting point is determined by other factors as well, so is not readily predicted. Tetrafluoromethane, a fluorocarbon gas London dispersion force reduction As the high electronegativity of fluorine reduces the polarizability of the atom, fluorocarbons are only weakly susceptible to the fleeting dipoles that form the basis of the London dispersion force. As a result, fluorocarbons have low intramolecular attractive forces and are lipophobic in addition to being hydrophobic/non-polar.

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