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By A. Kaveh

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Effective tools resulting in hugely sparse and banded structural matrices
Application of graph concept for effective research of skeletal structures
Many labored examples and routines may help the reader to understand the theory

Graph conception won preliminary prominence in technology and engineering via its powerful hyperlinks with matrix algebra and computing device technology. in addition, the constitution of the math is definitely suited for that of engineering difficulties in research and layout. The tools of study during this booklet hire matrix algebra, graph concept and meta-heuristic algorithms, that are superb for contemporary computational mechanics. effective tools are provided that bring about hugely sparse and banded structural matrices. the most gains of the publication comprise: program of graph concept for effective research; extension of the strength approach to finite aspect research; program of meta-heuristic algorithms to ordering and decomposition (sparse matrix technology); effective use of symmetry and regularity within the strength technique; and simultaneous research and layout of structures.

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If S and each of its subgraphs considered for expansion (Si for i ¼ 1, . , q) are non-disjoint (connected), then Eq. 5 can be simplified as: γðSÞ ¼ q X i¼1 γðSi Þ À q X γðAi Þ, ð2:6Þ i¼2 where γðAi Þ ¼ aMðAi Þ þ bNðAi Þ þ c: For calculating the DSI of a multi-member structure, one normally selects a repeated unit of the structure and joins these units sequentially in a connected form. Therefore, Eq. 6 can be applied in place of Eq. 5 to obtain the overall property of the structure. 5 A Method for Determining the DSI of Structures Let S be the union of its repeated and/or simple pattern subgraphs Si (i ¼ 1, .

There are solutions to R for which P is zero. Associated with R and P let there be two sets of displacements v and u, respectively. e. Pt u ¼ Rt v: From Eq. 31 will be used in the formulation of the force method. In a general structure, if member forces R are related to external nodal loads P, similar to Eq. 27, then according to the contragradient principle [4], the member distortions v and nodal displacement u will be related by an equation similar to Eq. 31. 34 are employed in the formulation of the displacement method.

As an example, the line graph of Fig. 25a is illustrated in Fig. 25b. For the original graph S, the terms nodes and members are used, and for the line graph L(S), the terms vertices and edges are employed. In this book, many new graphs are defined and employed for transforming the connectivity properties of the original models to those of the induced new graphs. 5 Vector Spaces Associated with a Graph A vector space can be associated with a graph by defining a vector, the field and the binary operations as follows: Any subset of the M(S) members of a graph S can be represented by a vector x whose M(S) components are elements of the field of integer modulo 2, where component xi ¼ 1 when the ith member is an element of the subset, and xi ¼ 0 otherwise.

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