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1). Definition: Areoles Macromeris-, Protocoryphantha-, Protomammillaria- or Ortegocactus type (ZIMMERMAN 1985, p. 61), with nectary glands in the tubercle grooves and/or in the axils. Cortex watery or mucilaginous. Seeds reniform. A. Section Lepidocoryphantha (Backeberg) Moran Gentes Herb. ) Type: Coryphantha macromeris (Engelmann) Lemaire. Synonyms: Coryphantha series Macromeres Britton & Rose, Cactaceae 4: 24, 1923. 44 Definition: Areoles Macromeris type (ZIMMERMAN 1985, p. 61): Plants flowering only after attainment of maximum length areolar grooves, which extend only about halfway to the axils.

From the former subgenus of Engelmann, they separated three more genera, Toumeya, Neobesseya und Escobaria. In total, Britton and Rose described four new Coryphantha species and formally added 16 more to the genus Coryphantha, thereby listing 50 species under Coryphantha, this number includes four Neobesseyas und eight Escobarias. Most of the type plants of Britton und Rose are correctly named and associated with herbarium material, but it is a pity that most of Rose’s descriptions are far too short in general and sometimes superficial or inexact.

Vaupeliana C. glanduligera C. echinoidea Series Clavatae C. octacantha C. jalpanensis C. clavata C. clavata ssp. stipitata C. glassii C. erecta C. potosiana Section Ottonis C. ottonis C. vogtherriana C. georgii Subgenus Coryphantha Section Coryphantha Series Retusae C. elephantidens C. elephantidens ssp. bumamma C. elephantidens ssp. greenwoodii C. retusa Series Pycnacanthae C. pycnacantha C. tripugionacantha Series Salinenses C. kracikii C. salinensis C. difficilis C. durangensjs C. durangensis ssp.

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