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This quantity introduces black technology fiction, fable, and speculative fiction writers to the generations of readers who've no longer had the opportunity to discover the scope and variety between African-American writers.

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And yet, given the success of the medievals in deepening their understanding of the fundamental nature of sign relations to this point, one would hardly think that the time was ripe to abandon the progress made thus far altogether and to assert an even more radical separation of mind-dependant relations from ‘reality’ – if those mind dependant relations were not genuine configurations in the world, but independently existing immaterial ‘entities’ with a mysterious kind of origin and ontology of their own.

For in “asking how an isolated mind could be absolutely as opposed to relatively sure of anything in the outside world,” notes historian and anthropologist of science Bruno Latour, Descartes “framed his question in a way that made it impossible to give the only reasonable answer . ,] that we are relatively sure of the many things with which we are daily engaged . [But] by Descartes’ time, this sturdy relativism, based on the number of relations established with the world, was already in the past, a once-passable path now lost in a thicket of brambles” (1999: 4).

And of my former opinions I shall withdraw all that might even in a small degree be invalidated by the reasons which I have just brought forward, in order that there may be nothing at all left beyond what is absolutely certain and indubitable” (1641 [1973: 150]). Descartes’ project, of course, is a quest for “absolute” (read: non-relative) certainty – and the discovery of at least one contextless and necessarily true axiom or assertion that will serve as the foundation for a sturdy system of reliable and correct knowledge to be constructed.

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