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She could have any sort of talent, not necessarily precognition. ” Sin. The name suited her body, Gower thought, but her eyes had iced over long before he and his brothers arrived on the scene. He wondered if she’d always been that way toward strangers, or if he and his brothers had chilled her personality. He wouldn’t mind trying to light a fire inside her and see if he could thaw her out. Enos cleared his throat. ” Gower asked. ” “I recognized her scent,” Gower said. Baen’s voice was muffled as he spoke to the interior of the furnace.

A quick kiss. What was she doing? She snapped her mouth closed and tore her gaze from his lips. She was not going to kiss a stranger. Chapter Two But he had other ideas. He grasped her chin, lifting her face to his. Leaned in and hovered over her lips. The heat of his breath warmed her even before he touched her mouth. The kiss wasn’t quick, if she judged by the butterflies squirming in her stomach, the dampness between her thighs. She began to pant as she wound her arms around his neck and pulled him still closer.

An odd noise somewhere between a purr and a growl came from Suthu as she approached Enos. Her hand cupped his groin and she leaned in to bite his neck. He grabbed her shoulders and shoved. “Fuck, guys, what do we do? ” The demon lashed out, her nails slashing Gower’s cheek. He spun away and Sin saw his eyes glow red. He hissed, and his canine teeth lengthened. ” Sin’s brain hazed over, no longer wanting to see what was happening. “He’s a—” “Vampire. All three are,” her aunt finished. “This might be your answer.

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