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By Prof. Dr. M. Klima (auth.)

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Morphogeny of the nasal cranium was once investigated in ninety two embryos of thirteen species of Cetacea. in comparison to the unique nasal pill of land mammals, the nasal constructions of Cetacea convey many weighty differences. for this reason, the nostrils are translocated from the end of the snout to the vertex of the pinnacle. a number of constructions of the embryonic nasal cranium stay preserved even in grownup cetaceans. The translocation of the nostrils to the top aspect of the surfacing physique is likely one of the so much excellent variations of cetaceans to the aquatic existence behavior. The morphogeny of the nasal cranium means that all cetaceans are of universal starting place and shape a unmarried monophyletic order. The hitherto ordinary department of this order into suborders, Mysticeti and Odontoceti, seems to be unsubstantiated. fairly, a minimum of 3 heavily similar superfamilies will be amazing in the order Cetacea, viz., Balaenopteroidea, Physeteroidea, and Delphinoidea. the implications are in a conspicuous accordance with the newest molecular organic investigations in this topic.

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25 spm tn pn con cp Fig. 12. Lagenorhynchus albirostris embryo, 115 mm TL. 3 White-beaked Dolphin Lagenorhynchus albirostris In this species, two embryos, of 107 and 115 mm, were available for examination. We have already reported on the smaller one in an earlier paper (Klima and Van Bree 1985). In addition, De Burlet (1914b) examined an embryonic Lagenorhynchus albirostris, without having given its size, which I would estimate at about 90 mm. All three embryos are comparable with those of Stenella in Group IV by their size as well as the developmental stage of their nasal skulls.

As a whole, these structures form a long cartilaginous bar running diagonally through the whole soft anterior part of the head, which I denote as the nasal roof cartilage. But for the just mentioned singularity in the region of the anterior tectum nasi, the posterior side wall structures have basically the same structure as in all other toothed whales examined. Together with the posterior edge of the septum nasi, they fall off at a steep angle of about 75°. The lamina crib rosa lies in the medial part of the posterior side wall structures.

In general, the dermal bones have increased in relative size at this advanced developmental stage, whereas the cartilaginous skull parts have decreased in relative size. The external shape of the nasal skull is solely determined by the dermal bones. The cartilaginous structures, except for the rostrum nasi, have been compressed to the inside, as they are only relatively small parts of the skeleton. Their mutual connections have been preserved, as observed in the younger stage of Balaenoptera physalus.

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