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By Per Ola Kristensson.

ISBN-10: 9185831778

ISBN-13: 9789185831777

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The discrete shape writing system’s matching effect works on the word level, and the words explicitly belong to an individual user’s lexicon. New words can be added and removed in a customized dictionary; different languages such as Swedish, German, Chinese pinyin, etc. can be mixed without affecting the performance or behavior of the system. Depending on the size of the lexicon, the error tolerance of the discrete shape writing interface can be adjusted, either by the user or automatically by the system.

Some words are more easily articulated and / or recognizable for the system than others. This process is heavily affected by feedback from the system in form of misrecognitions. At this stage the user eventually knows the limitations of the system for a specific word and can reproduce a pen-gesture articulation that is reliably recognized. Over time this articulation fixates in the user’s motor memory. At this point, the autonomous stage is reached. In general motor skills are learned by repetition [Rosenbaum, 1990; Willingham, 1998].

However, since shape writing recognition is agnostic regarding the individual keys crossed this habit only creates more opportunities for confusion in the recognizer. 2 Fun To let the game feel less predictable the balloons do not float up to the sky using a direct vertical route. Instead a balloon follows a movement path defined by a spline whose two control points vary in the x and y directions with pre-set intervals. The acceleration of a balloon along the path also has a random component that enables a balloon to temporarily “catch wind” and float a little faster along its movement path.

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Discrete and continuous shape writing for text entry and control by Per Ola Kristensson.

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