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By J. C. Masterman

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The impressive precise tale of ways British intelligence penetrated and virtually operated Nazi Germany's undercover agent community in the British Isles.

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6, like the service departments, would wish to take a quick and positive bonus from a case which, if used with maximum efficiency, should be developed over a long period of time and used for purposes ultimately more rewarding than the mere acquisition of information about the enemy. It has happened on various occasions, and notably in one instance of transcendent importance, that the situation has so developed that a double agent case has appeared to offer so much immediate advantage by the penetration of the enemy’s organisation and by the acquisition of intelligence from it, that the double agent side of the case has been dropped in order to obtain the proffered benefits.

The details of a man’s wireless style, for example, the warning signals, the very rhythm of the key in sending messages must be mastered so that if the agent should die or for one reason or another be removed, a substitution could be made but not recognized. The dermal and subdermal took on new and nerve-wracking significance. The Double-Cross System is not the only document to describe double agents and deception. It is simply the best. ” The same sort of amplification can be done, though less confidently, with Eddie Chapman’s own account of himself as ZIGZAG, the saboteur (he was known as FRITZCHEN to his German employers), in The Eddie Chapman Story (1954).

It was possible too, by careful study, to evaluate the critical reception by the enemy of what they received and exchanged amongst themselves. This was the test of any plan of deception. Not the least of course among the benefits was the simple fact that the existence of new spies became known. In this way both the skeleton and the nervous system of German espionage within England could be outlined and controlled. Another contribution was that of so-called overt intelligence, by which scholarly sources, when studied by scholars, revealed information which had long since been gathered but already been covered by dust.

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