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The old woman went a little farther, and she met a dog. So she said to him, "Dog! Dog! " But the dog wouldn't. She went a little farther, and she met a stick. So she said, "Stick! Stick! " But the stick wouldn't. She went a little farther and she met a fire. So she said, "Fire! Fire! " But the fire wouldn't. She went a little farther, and she met some water. So she said, "Water! Water! " But the water wouldn't. She went a little farther, and she met an ox. So she said, "Ox! Ox! " But the ox wouldn't.

35 wheat grew tall and yellow. " bread. 6) She baked 3 What does the Little Red Hen say she will do? What did she do? Follow the model. Model: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 4 to to to to to to plant — I'll plant the grain. She planted the grain. cut thresh take it to the mill bake bread eat the bread Put as many questions as you can to the sentence below. One day the Little Red Hen found a grain of wheat in a field. # Discussing the Fairy-tale 1 Say why: 1) the Little Red Hen asked the Duck, the Cat and the Dog to help her.

Then Baby Bear had a look at his chair. " he said in his little baby voice. Then they looked at their bowls of porridge on the table. Father Bear saw that his spoon was not in its place. "Someone has been eating my porridge," he said in a great big voice. Mother Bear noticed that her spoon was in the bowl. "Someone has been eating my porridge," she said in a middle-sized voice. Baby Bear looked at his bowl. "Someone has been eating my porridge and has eaten it all up! " he said in a little baby voice.

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