Keyhole Approaches in Neurosurgery: Volume 1: Concept and by Axel Perneczky, Robert Reisch, Stefan Kindel, T. Kanno, M. PDF

By Axel Perneczky, Robert Reisch, Stefan Kindel, T. Kanno, M. Tschabitscher

ISBN-10: 3211838856

ISBN-13: 9783211838853

A. Perneczky and R. Reisch, in collaboration with M. Tschabitscher, provide a close systematic evaluation of the various methods for minimally invasive craniotomies. After an outline of the old improvement of the actual craniotomy, each one bankruptcy illustrates the anatomical development of the objective quarter and the surgical strategy itself with inventive illustrations and images of human cadaver dissections. focusing on surgical perform, sufferer positioning, anatomical orientation, the phases of the surgical technique, capability mistakes with their results, and significant information and tips are mentioned intimately, supplying directions for daily use.

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