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D. What is the y-intercept of each line? What does it mean? 0 24 49 75 99 120 145 a. Plot the values given in the table and draw the curve that best fits all points. b. Describe the resulting curve. c. Use the graph to write an equation relating the distance to the force. d. What is the constant in the equation? Find its units. e. 0-N force is exerted on the object for 5 s. 85. The physics instructor from the previous problem changed the procedure. The mass was varied while the force was kept constant.

Going Further Speed is distance traveled divided by the amount of time to travel that distance. Explain how you could design your own experiment to measure speed in the classroom using remote-controlled cars. What would you use for markers? How precisely could you measure distance and time? Would the angle at which you measured the cars passing the markers affect the results? How much? How could you improve your measurements? What units make sense for speed? How far into the future could you predict the cars’ positions?

Figure 1-26 shows the toroidal (doughnut-shaped) interior of the now-dismantled Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor. Explain why a width of 80 m would be an unreasonable value for the width of the toroid. What would be a reasonable value? 90. 31 mm, mass ϭ 1659 g. Determine the volume, in cubic meters, and density, in g/cm3, of the beam. Express your results in proper form. 91. 7ϫ1021 molecules. If the water evaporated at the rate of one million molecules per second, how many years would it take for the drop to completely evaporate?

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