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The An−24 is powered by two ZMDB Progress AI−24A turboprops providing a top speed of 498 kmh and a range of 640 km fully laden, increasing to 3000 km empty. The An−24 is fitted with high wings to minimize the risk of propeller damage on the USSR's many unsurfaced landing strips. Aeroflot's vast fleet contains more An−24s than any other airliner; over 1,000 21 The Probert Encyclopaedia − Aircraft fire−fighting, aerial survey and passenger versions have been built. The An−24 was adopted for military service in 1962 as a short−range utility freight transport aircraft.

Armaments consist of one 25 mm General Electric GAU−12/A Equaliser rotary five−barrel cannon mounted in a starboard under−fuselage pod and up to 10,800 lbs of disposable stores, depending upon operational mode, carried on one under fuselage and six under−wing hard points. 534 was a Czech single−seater fighter biplane of the Second World War designed by Frantisek Novotny and first flown in 1933. 534 was powered by a 850 hp Hispano−Suiza HS 12Ydrs 12−cylinder Vee piston engine providing a top speed of 395 kmh and a range of 580 km.

It is used by the US Air Force's Air Education and Training Command to train student pilots to fly airlift or tanker aircraft. 73. The T−1A differs from its commercial counterpart with a single−point refuelling system with greater capacity and increased bird strike protection in the windshield and leading edges for sustained low−level operation. BEECH MODEL 45 The Beech Model 45 is an American two−seater basic flying trainer aircraft that entered military service in 1954. The Beech Model A45 (T−34B Mentor) is powered by a Continental O−470−4 flat−six piston engine providing a top speed of 302 kmh and a range of 11238 km.

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